Welcome to my website! I am so glad you are here. As you read in my "About the Artist" I am from Billings, Montana. It is currently super windy and COLD and I am so looking forward to spring and some sunny days! 

I have been busy trying to figure out this website, which is pretty easy and hey Art Store Fronts did most of the work, but there is still a huge learning curve for me and my technically challenge middle aged self. So between adding a few pieces or art on here, I have been busy creating every minute I can. I have been currently obsessed with flowers. Maybe that's because it's so dang snowy and cold but whatever the reason is that has been my focus lately. I have a few pieces getting photographed so I can add them for prints, they are pretty amazing pieces and I have a few more that are scheduled for later next week, they are in oil and still a bit wet. 

So thanks for landing here and checking out my work. I will plan a more thought provoking Blog next week.